July 13, 2022

Episode 61: Sam Mitcham of SJCM Accountancy


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The Story

How do you and your firm win younger, dynamic clients with a long lifetime value (because of their age), if you are able to do a brilliant job of looking after their businesses?

As a firm, you and your client portfolio have almost certainly got clients who started young with a small business and then grew them into substantial businesses. So, how do you tap into that younger audience?

In this podcast discussion with Sam Mitcham, you’ll learn how Sam, though in the early stages of building a successful accounting firm, demonstrated energy and enthusiasm in winning the 200 clients she's already got, despite only setting the business up a couple of years ago. Discover her methodology of appealing to and attracting younger business owners.

Why not join Sam and I on this humanisethenumbers.online podcast discussion, or go to your favourite podcast platform and locate it there, and you'll hear Sam share her insights into the use of social media and marketing, as well as a number of other profoundly powerful insights on how to grow and, at times, hold back from growth when it really matters. I hope you enjoy this podcast with Sam as much as I did.

The Solution:





Connect with Paul

Resources relating to this podcast:

Listen to Paul and Elaine talk about the difficulty of having a conversation with leaders, managers and team members about their personality, behaviour, mental health and well-being.

These are often subjects and conversations people find difficult and are uncomfortable having.

This Bitesize Business Breakthrough will show you that these conversations are made easier by having a third person in the room, in this case they talk about that third person being the DISC profiler.

When you use DISC to profile people, Elaine has found that there is very little pushback. People find it revealing, it allows them to be vunerable and the evidence backs up the reasons they do the things they do. It allows behaviours to be embraced and recognised rather than changed. Elaine mentioned that most people found it an enlightening experience as the evidence is hard to argue with.

Click the link on the button to discover that successful 'difficult conversations' are more likely when you apply new thinking and get a third party in the room.

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