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How do you set work and life boundaries, not just for yourself, but for your team as well, so that they are fully engaged, enthusiastic and driven to bringing success to you, your firm, your clients?

And it’s not just about those boundaries. Advisory is becoming more important, more relevant, more valuable to your clients, so how do you move your firm forward in the volatile and complex world in which we’re all now living?

In this podcast discussion with Amy Vetter, a qualified accountant (CPA) from the US, you’ll hear her share her zeal and commitment for internal marketing, what she calls internal education, between departments and between team members.

Something else I found fascinating about this discussion with Amy was her focus on mindset, and she has a real go at me around an error I made in terms of the way I'm interacting with one of my team members. All credit to her for doing that!

Whether you want to pursue an advisory strategy, or dive into outsourcing or offshoring, or if you want a new piece of technology embedding in the firm, without that long-term, ongoing commitment to educating your team, you’ll likely encounter resistance. With internal education, you’ll secure more and more buy-in, more and more success and, as a result, humanise the numbers in your firm in a better way so that you get the results you want for your firm.

Why not join Amy and I on this podcast discussion at humanisethenumbers.online. You can also find it on your favourite podcast platform.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Amy as much as I did.

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1. In this review I'll be sharing the highlights of a fascinating discussion with Amy Vetter, CEO, keynote speaker, consultant and author. Amy shares some fascinating insights into her life, both personal and professional, and the importance of boundaries to the success of your team and your firm.


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