November 23, 2022

Episode 63: Joe Sole, Director of Sole Associates – Part 1


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The Story

What is it that you and your firm have to do to make the shift from compliance only to compliance plus advisory, where advisory is generating significant high-value fees from work that you enjoy and which, by the way, your team enjoy as well?

In this podcast discussion with Joe Sole of the 8-person firm Sole Associates, you will hear Joe unpack some of the detail, not just on what he does, but on how he engages with his team and how he engages with his clients, so that he's creating a systemic, time-efficient approach to high-value conversations with his clients.

And not just for Joe to conduct those high-value client conversations, but for his team to also take the steps necessary to have high-value, advisory-style conversations, using brilliant numbers and so on to help those conversations flow without fear and uncertainty sitting within those so-called “compliance accountants”.

So please join Joe and I for a high-value, Humanise The Numbers discussion at or go to your favourite podcast platform to listen in.

I hope you enjoy this two-part discussion with Joe Sole of Sole Associates.

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