November 25, 2022

Episode 63: Joe Sole, Director of Sole Associates – Part 1

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The Story

How can your firm make the shift from compliance only to compliance plus advisory, where advisory is generating significant, high-value fees from work that you and your team actually enjoy?

In this podcast discussion with Joe Sole, Director of Sole Associates, you will hear him unpack some of the detail, not just on what he does, but on how he engages with his team and with his clients, so that he's creating a systemic, time-efficient approach to high-value client conversations.

And it's not just Joe - he discusses how his team also take the steps necessary to have high-value, advisory-style conversations, using key numbers and information to help those conversations flow without the fear and uncertainty sometimes sitting within those so-called “compliance accountants”.

So please join Joe and I for a high-value, Humanise The Numbers discussion at, or go to your favourite podcast platform to listen in.

I hope you enjoy this two-part discussion with Joe Sole of Sole Associates.

Please scroll down this page to find the contact information for Joe and an additional resource mentioned in this podcast.

The Solution:

One of the things we've been talking about doing and are now putting into practice is the use of Loom video software to prepare videos in advance of client meetings.

Our team members go through the agenda of the meeting in advance, then do a video piece, which is effectively them on their own screen, going through the client's numbers and talking through what they will be discussing in that meeting with the client.

The team are doing these videos now for all the meetings in the next month, then sending that video to me so that I can review it and give them some feedback.

If it needs changing, they change it, if it's good to go, then they send it to the client in advance of the meeting, so the client has a heads up as to what they're going to be talking about, and our team member has not had to deliver that subject matter and introduce the meeting live, in front of the client.

They can set up the preparation for the meeting in their own space and time using the Loom video and the client then also has advance knowledge of the agenda and discussion points.





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Resources relating to this podcast:

During this podcast Joe and Paul discuss the shift that Joe has made in the conversations he now has with his clients. That shift has meant that most, if not all, client conversations are about his clients either exiting their business or ensuring that their business is less reliant on them.

Joe talks about how these clients are not necessarily considering selling or exiting currently, but how crucial it is that they start to think about and plan for it.

Joe talks about the importance to these conversations of the client's numbers, and how Joe and the team are using the numbers to tell the clients things about their business that they didn't necessarily know.

Either way, Joe feels that this is the most valuable conversation he can have with a client. Joe and his team put themselves in the position of being able to guide clients through this process, helping them achieve their business and personal goals and be in control of their own destiny.

To discover more about creating a better business for your clients or for your own firm by preparing a business for sale, please read the Business Breakthrough report 'Built to Sell' below.

Planning to secure the future of your firm, but with you less involved, pays off in many ways. The same can be said when it comes to you helping your clients secure the future of their businesses.

There are some great takeaways and insights to be had in this report.

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