December 18, 2022

Episode 66: Joe Sole, Director of Sole Associates – Part 2

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The Story

When it comes to your client conversations, how do you make the shift from a discussion that is compliance only to one that is compliance plus advisory, and how do you give your team the confidence to have this kind of dialogue with clients and to charge more for their time?

In this podcast discussion with Joe Sole, you will hear Joe talk about the changes he has made to his pricing structure (although I do challenge him to make further changes), and the way Joe and his team approach their client conversations so that they are focused on the value of their client's business.

These client conversations have also enabled Joe to look inwardly at the future strategy, core values and purpose of his own firm and the value of his firm to himself and to his team.

So please join Joe and me for Part 2 of this very human discussion.

Please also scroll down this page to find the contact information for Joe, as well as some additional resources mentioned in this podcast.
The Solution:

The main thing for us has been regularly involving the key members of the team in what we call leadership team meetings and going through key aspects of the business with them.

They then feel that they've got some input and ownership of what we're doing and actually, when the numbers improve, it's not just my own sense of satisfaction, the team feels that sense of satisfaction too, that we're on the right track and that they've made a contribution towards that.





Connect with Joe

Connect with Paul

Resources relating to this podcast:

During this podcast, Joe and Paul discuss the changes Joe has made to his pricing structure and the three offers they now have in place.

Paul challenges Joe to stop being frightened of the client conversation around pricing. He encourages him to look at the science of pricing, to prepare a 3-tier, top-down pricing system and to start using it straight away.

It turns out that this is Joe's biggest takeaway from this podcast - the fact that he needs to implement the right pricing structure and how, by doing this, he can move his firm forwards with higher fees and fewer clients, the clients that he really wants to work with. Joe acknowledges that, for this to happen, pricing is the key.

Do you ever wonder how much more profit you’re missing out on by ignoring the science of pricing? 

It's a fact that accountants can find it hard to apply the right pricing to the work needing to be done and, at times, to even talk about pricing with clients, but lost profits are a business banana skin that your firm must avoid to survive and thrive.

Read the Business Breakthrough report below and discover how to build your pricing toolkit around three-tier, top-down pricing options and tap into windfall profits for your firm.

Paul and Joe talk about the importance of defining your firm's strategy and the importance of both its financial and non-financial components. 

When you have a strategy for your firm, the team will have more ownership and will be more engaged and more committed to the future of your firm.

Paul points Joe to the 8 Questions of Strategy and the strategy e-book on our website.

What are you doing to secure a healthy future for your team, your firm and your firm’s clients?

Click the link below to take the strategic health questionnaire now.

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