January 6, 2021

Episode 7: Steve Timmis of Sempar Accountancy & Tax

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The Story

I'd be surprised if any accountant or any accountancy firm wouldn't want to work with high growth, ambitious entrepreneurial business owners.

And that's exactly what Steve Timmis at Sempar Accountancy & Tax is doing.

In fact, Steve and his team are doing it so well that they've grown their fees by between 30% and 50% per annum in recent years and, despite only starting the firm in 2016, they will be touching and maybe over-achieving on fees of a million pounds in 2021.

What's fascinating though, is what Steve puts right at the centre of the growth in fees -  the team culture they've created within the firm.

So why not join me and Steve on this podcast interview at Humanise The Number.online and hear what Steve has to say about what he does, what his team do and how they do it to achieve the sort of growth that they're seeing.

And please, if you get the opportunity, drop me a line and let me know what you think of the lessons you learned from Steve. It's a brilliant discussion. Mostly because Steve is very open and very candid about what they're doing and how they're doing in his firm.
I hope you enjoy the podcast.

The Solution:

"The three things that we need to see that exist in the client relationship are rapport, commerciality, and added value.
So have we got a genuine rapport. Can we work together? Can we have good and bad conversations when things aren't going great for that business, will they listen to us and will they allow us to advise them, Is it commercial. Can we do this work at a commercial rate for us?
And can we add value?

These are the three boxes we have to tick with every new client before we work with them "




Steve Timmis, Sempar

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