January 11, 2023

Episode 71: Sharon Hirsch of Argus Accounting


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The Story

It takes something special, don’t you think, to start up a brand-new accountancy firm just a couple of months after the start of a global pandemic.

It’s what Sharon Hirsch of Argus did in May 2020, and on this HumaniseTheNumbers podcast discussion with Sharon, you’ll hear her share a number of valuable insights:  the KPIs that matter most, what her emotional charges are and what it is that’s driving her to do what she’s doing for her 74 clients, some of whom are paying between £1,500 and £2,500 per month.

She also shares how important it is for her to have a future perspective, to deliver genuine value to her clients and for her and her team to make a real difference.

I hope you're tempted to check out this podcast discussion – there are some really important lessons to learn, and I could feel the passion that Sharon has for her business, for her team and for the importance of client relationships.

So please go to www.humanisethenumbers.online or to your favourite podcast platform and check out this discussion with Sharon Hirsch.

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