March 7, 2023

Episode 74: Paul Barnes of MAP


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The Story

Your firm, like every firm, isn’t perfect. Your firm, like every firm, has team members who want to progress their careers and get better. And as they get better, your firm will get better too.

The old adage that, if you don't grow your people, you won't grow your practice, is as plain and obvious as the nose on everyone's face.

It was a real privilege to welcome Paul Barnes from the accountancy firm MAP onto the Humanise The Numbers podcast and hear lots of practical, valuable insights that Paul has picked up over his 10 years since starting MAP.

What was remarkable was how open Paul was about the challenges, frustrations and difficulties that he, as a fairly well-recognised accountancy firm leader within the UK, has faced.

It's just brilliant when someone is vulnerable and open and transparent about challenges, but also very open about what it is that makes a good, or a great, arguably, accountancy firm work.

Paul has built a firm with just 120 clients and 26 team members, and does an exceptional job of ensuring that each of his clients, either monthly or quarterly, is receiving deep, crystal-clear insight into the financial merits or otherwise of their business.

I believe everyone in the profession would benefit from the insights that Paul shares on this podcast. I found it so inspiring that someone would be so open and so practical in what you do to make an accountancy firm successful.

I hope you go to or to your favourite podcast platform and listen in as Paul Barnes shares his insights.

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Connect with Paul

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