March 15, 2023

Episode 75: Jolawn Victor – VP and GM, Intuit QuickBooks UK

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The Story

What do you think it takes to run a fast-growing, leading technology business with 350 people across the UK?

In this podcast discussion with the UK General Manager of Intuit QuickBooks, Jolawn Victor, you'll hear Jolawn share a wide range of insights into what it takes, not only to run and lead QuickBooks in the UK, but also to run and lead a successful accounting business, drawing on her own and her team’s experience of working with many accounting firms.

It was a wide-ranging discussion with Jolawn, one I thoroughly enjoyed because of her open, transparent, candid approach to the discussion and her willingness to share insights on how to power prosperity, not just across the UK accounting profession, but on a global scale as well.

So why not join Jolawn and I on this podcast. I'm sure you'll enjoy hearing Jolawn's insights on how she works with her team.

Please also scroll down this episode page to find contact information for Jolawn and an additional resource mentioned in the podcast.

The Solution:

"There's a repetition and there's also something that we call ‘customer journey mapping’ - where you map out, end to end from an emotional standpoint, how you want a customer to feel from start to finish during their engagement with you.

"Then you focus on those areas where there's a lot of pain. And you say, ‘how am I going to either alleviate it, eliminate or reduce this pain?' Or 'how do I make this the most awesome experience that you're going to have with me?’

"So just map that out and if people are coming to you during self-assessment time and finding all the documents suck, you can make that better!

"And the most amazing part is when you’re able to say ‘Here's what you're going to get back, or you owe less than you owed last year’!

"And then you can make that a really special moment by saying to the client, ‘you know you talked about that goal of going on a family holiday? Well now you can do it’."





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Resources relating to this podcast:

Jolawn and Paul discuss the importance of putting your team first. Jolawn believes that, if you are not looking after your team, they cannot look after your clients. To quote Jolawn, 'ignore the fire, look after the embers.'

Paul refers to a story about the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Shanghai. When the manager, Don Wainwright, took over this hotel, he was asked to take care of the renovations. Instead of focusing on the customer-facing areas, he chose to address the employee entrance as the first phase of the work. He concentrated on creating a positive and enriching experience for his people because he knew his people would then brilliantly look after his customers.

To quote Don Wainwright, 'ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.'

Jolawn believes your team cannot best serve your clients if you as the leader are not best serving your team.

To read more about the importance of looking after your team when it comes to delivering first class customer service, read the Business Breakthrough report 'Client Experience First'.

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