March 29, 2023

Episode 76: Johann Goree of OnPoint Accounting Group

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The Story

What do you think it would take, within a relatively short five-year window, to grow a team of 14 people and to win 800 clients?

In this Humanise The Numbers podcast discussion with Johann Goree of OnPoint Accounting – with four offices, two in Scotland and two in England – you’ll hear Johann share how he has adopted a human approach to running an efficient firm that embraces and welcomes innovation and change.

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The Solution:

The plan, when I started this whole thing, was that I wanted to maintain the lifestyle and flexibility that I wanted, to go and do what I wanted whenever I could.

Whatever we do, it still needs to deliver that goal.

I finish today for two weeks. I'm off to Mauritius for the third time in 18 months - it’s mine and my wife's happy place.

I uninstalled all of my work apps and the only two people that can get hold of me are Jade and Scott, who run the business in my absence, they can reach me on WhatsApp. No one else on the team has that number.

I shut off from the world for two weeks, so I'm still doing what I want when I want, and I still wake up every morning passionate about my work.





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Resources relating to this podcast:

Johann mentions his team on a number of occasions during this podcast and praises their level of work and their capabilities - he calls THEM the experts. He also believes he has the right people in the right positions, doing the things that they are good at and which they like to do.

He successfully operates what is, for the most part, a remote team on flexible working, which he has had in place since before it became more common during the pandemic.

The time they work, the hours they do and the number of holidays, days off or early finishes are not tracked. He believes that if the team get their jobs done, have delivered what they need to and have made the clients happy, that is a win.

He wants his team to work around their personal lives and wants them to work when it suits them. The results matter more than when and where they do the work.

Do you operate a similar system in your firm?

Maybe it’s time to free up the adaptability, performance and entrepreneurship that live inside every member of your team.
Build new processes in your firm that put respect for your team AND a result focus to the fore.

If you want to know more about the results of your business mattering more than the hours worked, click the button to read the Business Breakthrough report 'Results Matter Most'.

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