January 12, 2021

Episode 8: Rob Boll of Evoke Management

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The Story

Most firms of accountants are working on the transition from being entirely compliance-oriented, to firms that are doing both compliance and advisory.

Some firms have got a really healthy advisory part to their practices and have that compliance work taking place as well, but very few firms are advisory only. Rob Boll in his firm of 30 people called Evoke is dedicated entirely to advisory work. They use a framework and they use the word SCOPE to describe that framework.

In this podcast, Rob shares the details around what SCOPE stands for and how effective, how useful and how valuable it is asking questions around the SCOPE framework. It's this that enables him and his team to have high value advisory conversations with all of their business owner clients.

We believe you'll get a lot out of the nitty gritty detail of how Rob interacts with his clients to ensure that he keeps his 30 person firm growing around exclusively advisory work.

The Solution:

"Running a business never gets easier, people just get better at doing it'




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