April 25, 2023

Episode 82: Des O’Neill of OmniPro


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The Story

How good are you and your leadership team, and your managers generally, at holding people to account for their behaviour and their results?

It's one of the sticky, challenging, thorny aspects of leading and managing people, leading and managing accountancy firms. In this podcast discussion with Des O'Neill of the CPD Store, you'll hear Des and I unpack the detail behind determining the boundaries you should put in place and how you do that, as well as what standards you set, minimum and aspirational, in order to make expectations clearer, so that accountability is easier?

And that's only one of many subjects Des and I touch on in and around the ‘humanise the numbers’ topic – humanising for the team, humanising for your clients – so that you are certain to get something of real value that you can directly apply to your firm, with your team and with your clients.

I hope you enjoy this discussion with Des O'Neill as much as I did.

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