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I found it profoundly and remarkably valuable to enter into a podcast discussion with someone who has a really broad perspective across the profession, someone who spent 15 years in practice, someone who has worked at technology companies such as Xero and Dext and who works now with literally hundreds of leaders and managers of accounting firms.

Someone who can signpost what the best firms are doing compared with the other firms in the industry when it comes to brilliantly connecting with their team to get the best from them and brilliantly connecting with their clients so that they can make a big difference, feel pride in their work and generate great profits for the firm.

But also doing something special around – and Katie Hawking uses a phrase on this podcast discussion about ‘choosing your ending’, which I thought was brilliant – connecting with vision and goals. What are the goals and vision of your people, of each individual within your firm?

Katie talks about personalisation as well, connecting with the ending in mind, the vision of your clients, having a conversation with them about the future of their business and about the future of the firm as a whole.

I'm sure you'll find this podcast both entertaining and valuable, listening in to what Katie's got to say about the accountancy profession and how it can have a positive and meaningful impact on you and your firm.

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1. Listen to this fascinating Humanise The Numbers podcast with Katie Hawking of Dext on the importance of DISC profiling to recruitment and retention.


2. Listen to this podcast discussion with Katie Hawking of Dext on why she thinks a more diverse team will give your firm the competitive edge.


3.Listen to this podcast with Katie Hawking of Dext on what can hold firms back from going 'all in' when it comes to technology implementation.


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1. Watch this review of a fascinating podcast with Katie Hawking of Dext. Katie discusses the importance of relationship building, of not being fearful of the change that new technology will bring to your firm, of the need for greater diversity within your team and the importance of a core purpose linked to your vision and values, whether that be a business or a personal vision.

This is a great discussion - watch the short video here and click on the link below to listen to the full podcast:



2. Listen to this podcast discussion with Katie Hawking of Dext. Katie talks about the importance of client relationships and how the role of an accountant is broader now than it ever has been.

New clients are not just asking for numbers analysis, they are asking for business software, structure and systems advice.

These conversations are made easier when you build a trusted relationship with your clients and understand their business, as well as their personal, goals.

Listen here:


3. Listen to this Humanise The Numbers Podcast with Katie Hawking of Dext. Katie discusses the challenges when it comes to getting accountants (a naturally risk-averse demographic) to embrace new technology fully. At times accountants have a fear of the unknown, doing what they have always done and not taking the time to step back and look at the business advantages with a fresh eye.

Listen to this brilliant podcast here:


4. Listen to this podcast discussion with Katie Hawking from Dext. Katie and Paul discuss how fear can hold people back from being willing to change. Katie talks about how most accountants are naturally risk-averse people who find change difficult and often fear it.

Paul mentions some recent research into psychological safety and the importance of your team feeling safe, including research done at large businesses such as Google. Teams that had a high level of psychological safety performed better than teams that didn't.

The link between psychological safety and success is relatively new but, according to the research, it is the most important factor when it comes to a successful team. Given that accountants are generally anxious about change, the importance of developing an environment where people feel safe and can perform at their best is crucial.

Listen to this brilliant podcast here:


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