January 18, 2021

Episode 9: David Belbin of Clemence Hoar Cummings

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The Story

I'd be surprised if any accountant would disagree with the fact that client loyalty is the cornerstone of the fees, profits and capital value of their firm.

Also very few firms would disagree or argue with the fact that clients that are loyal to them do so because of the quality of the relationship you have together. 

Very few firms, in my experience, actually track and measure either the quantity or the quality of their client interactions - number of meetings, number of zoom meetings, number of calls etc.

In this podcast, you'll hear David Belbin and I lock horns a little bit!

We talk about Arsene Wenger and Mike Tyson, and why this is relevant to you and your firm.
It's relevant, because David brings up a really valuable point I think.

One of his intentions is to build a client scorecard - a way of tracking and measuring the effectiveness of the relationships between him and his clients and also his team and their clients.

Check out what David's got to say about the way he and his 24 person firm builds a human interaction with their clients.  How they do it in such a way that they're building the fundamental foundations of great client loyalty and therefore fees, profits and capital value for the future.

The Solution:

"I'm not an Arsenal supporter, but I heard Arsene Wenger having a little chat a few weeks ago on the radio.
 And he said "the reason why I love football is, you can put the same 22 people on the pitch and you'll end up with a different result every time and it will be unique."
This put me in mind of us and our clients - those interactions with our clients will be unique."





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