August 16, 2023

Episode 90: Robert Fiford, MD at djca Accountants


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The Story

It can't be easy to transform an accountancy firm from one that's charging clients about £200 a month to one that's charging clients in excess of £1000 pounds a month.

It can't be easy to grow from scratch an offshoring team out in the Philippines – from zero to ten in just twelve months.

And it can't be easy to approach every one of your 30 team members across two locations and ensure that every one of them gets what they want out of working in your practice, on a really personal level.

That's what Robert Fiford of DJCA has done and, in this Humanise The Numbers podcast, he shares how he's done it. I found this discussion wide-ranging, only because Robert has so many insights to share.

I hope you enjoy this discussion as much as I did and I hope you can take away one, two, three, or possibly even six or seven, high-value elements of this podcast.  

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