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When the leader of a business with 3000 team members across several countries, several continents, even, shares her insights on what’s working within the accountancy profession and how to make a business more successful, I’m all ears.

It was a great privilege and honour to have Elona Mortimer-Zhika, CEO of Iris, join me on this Humanise the Numbers podcast to share, from her perspective, insights on how important, how valuable, it is to humanise the numbers.

Dive into this podcast discussion and you may realise that you're already doing certain things well. You may also realise and appreciate the ways and means of improving one or two things that you're already doing. You’ll almost certainly go, ‘mmmmm, not even kickstarted that one – let's get into that because it can have a big impact on our team, our clients and the success of the firm.’

So I hope you'll join me and Elona on this podcast at www.humanisethenumbers.online or go to your favourite podcast platform and you'll find the Humanise The Numbers podcast series there.

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1. Listen to this Humanise The Numbers podcast with Elona Mortimer-Zhika on what the word IMPACT means to her and her team.


2. Listen to this podcast discussion with Elona Mortimer-Zhika on the importance of always working towards your 'True North'.


3. Listen to this podcast with Elona Mortimer-Zhika as she discusses why customers should come first.


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1. Listen to this podcast with Elona Mortimer-Zhika.

Paul and Elona discuss Purpose, Vision and Values all the way through this podcast. Elona's clarity on the direction of Iris and its 'True North' is very inspiring. You can also hear how important it is to her that the purpose and values of the business are not just a set of buzzwords, but that they are lived, believed and acted upon. People are held accountable through the OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) of, not only the business, but of their leaders, the managers and the team.

Elona talks about their purpose as their 'True North' - something that is stable, does not change and is where they want to be in 5 or 10 years’ time. The vision is how they get there without losing focus.

Relevant OKRs are how Elona and the team at Iris ensure that no one is distracted from the focus of the business.

Listen to this podcast here and discover how the OKRs of every single team member are linked back to the overall OKRs of the business:


2. Listen to this podcast with Elona Mortimer-Zhika on the importance of having an engaged team.

Elona shares how she tracks and measures the engagement of her team in a monthly survey that is shared across all departments and acted upon by all managers.

Team engagement also forms a critical part of the bonus scheme and the accountability process for all managers at Iris.

Listen to this podcast here:


3. Listen to this podcast with Elona Mortimer-Zhika. It covers a wide range of subjects, but what comes through loud and clear is that Elona wants to build a quality business of which everyone who works at Iris can be proud, a business that will be around for many years.

Elona uses the word 'quality' on a number of occasions and, although the subjects range from team engagement to purpose, culture, vision, OKRs, customer care and Iris's True North, one thing is abundantly clear:  as a business leader, Elona wants to build, create and work in a quality business.


4. Listen to this podcast with Elona Mortimer-Zhika. Elona discusses the word IMPACT, and how this word is used in her firm as an acronym to convey their values. She goes through each value and discusses what it means to her and to the business.

What are the values of your firm?

Elona believes that their 'value' words have a different meaning to everyone in the business.

At Iris, not only are the values visible, they are also celebrated...

Listen to this podcast here:


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