July 22, 2021

Humanise the Numbers with Emily Inman & Stephen Pell [ACCA Strategy Series 5/5]

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The Story

This is podcast five of five of the ACCA strategy series.

What do you do to make sure you build a successful strategy for your accountancy firm?

Well, you've got to both recognise, acknowledge and respond to the inevitable trends that are impacting on your firm, on the profession and perhaps also on your customers too. 

It's not just about responding to the changes... it's also about building strategy on the things that are stable in time.

In this podcast, you'll hear from Emily Inman and Stephen Pell, two owners of two different firms in two different niche markets talking about their insights and knowledge about the three things stable in time.

You'll hear them discuss the inevitable trends facing their niche, as well as the inevitable trends that are facing the accountancy profession.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

The Solution:

"This foundational strategic principle is something that doesn't shift, it is solid, no matter what happens in the accounting industry or the niche that you're operating in.  

"It creates a stability - like having specific pillars that hold up what you're doing.

"I think that's an outstanding way to sort of think about it. "

Stephen Pell





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