July 1, 2021

Humanise the Numbers with Glyn Davison, Phil Murray & Gareth Pinder [ACCA Strategy Series 2/5]

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The Story

This is podcast two of five of the ACCA strategy series.

What does an accountancy firm do to make strategy really come to life in their firm?

On this podcast, you'll hear Glen, Phil and Gareth, from two different accounting firms, talk about what has to happen in their firms so that their vision, their purpose, their values really come to life.

They’ve worked out how to make it mean something to the directors, the team and their clients.
It isn't 'corporate BS' - it’s actually happening in their firm!

They're living it.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

The Solution:

"It makes my job as MD much easier to be able to consistently use the same terms and the same words - even the strategic goals can sit underneath them.

"So you've got vision, mission and strategic goals consistently with everyone talking about them. And that's a sign for me if my team are doing that, if my team are saying that, if my team are behaving in line with those strategic elements, I know that I've got that message across."





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