July 16, 2021

Humanise the Numbers with Phool Ashraf & Cheryl Sharp [ACCA Strategy Series 4/5]

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The Story

This is podcast four of five in the ACCA strategy series.

Where's the payoff for an accounting firm in getting absolute clarity on the values and the behavioural standards that are expected in their firm?

In this podcast discussion, you'll hear from Cheryl Sharp of Pink Pig Financials and Phool Ashraf of Gains Accountants on how the behavioural standards and values they have in their business impact on their lives as business owners, their teams' lives and  their clients' lives too.

The Solution:

"It's the whole person, it's the whole business, the whole journey. It's more than just the numbers.  Unfortunately, not every client understands that initially, but as they get to know us, they get to realise, and then they get to see the magic happen, and they get to understand why we're asking these questions and how we can help them.

"They (the team) are not just here to work.  I would not go by their technical skills and their intellect. I would go by who they are and whether they fit within the firm, whether they are committed to do what we want to do only, then we can add value into their lives beyond careers and they can bring value into our firm."





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