July 8, 2021

Humanise the Numbers with Steph Rickaby & James Lizars [ACCA Strategy Series 3/5]

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The Story

This is podcast three of five of the ACCA strategy series.

Where's the value in having a crystal clear sense of purpose for your accountancy firm?

In this podcast discussion, you'll hear James Lizars and Steph Rickaby, two sole owners of two modest size accounting firms that think big!

They think big about their core purpose, what they stand for, their raison d’etre.

And you'll hear me ask them, where's the payoff? Where's the value in having, building, creating and living a real sense of purpose?

The Solution:

"I think purpose leads you into the more detailed parts of your clients' makeup.

"So straight away you look at their purpose and you can then ask ‘What does that look like - what do you need to do then - and how can I help you do that?

"This shifts the gears of the conversation quickly into what we can do to help them meet that purpose – it’s not about the spreadsheets anymore."





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