Episode 6: Brendon Howlett of Wood & Disney


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Brendon Howlett - Director


Wood and Disney - Colchester

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How would one of your favourite business owner clients feel if they were approached by another accountancy firm that was genuinely wholeheartedly committed to building a better future for them and their business.

In this interview Paul Shrimpling talks to that accountancy firm - they're called Wood and Disney.

He's  interviewed Brendon Howlett, one of the owner directors of Wood and Disney.

Brendon shares what's behind the firm's corporate focus...

Building Better Futures,

which applies to the team, just as much as it applies to the clients.

Brendon shares some insight, some knowledge around what and how they make the most of that central purpose. He also shares how their central purpose influences their conversations with their clients and the impact it has on client loyalty.

That commitment to building better futures brings them new clients, especially given the challenges we've had in recent months with the coronavirus issues and so forth.

And, when you've had a chance to listen,

Let us know what your thoughts are on this and what you've got out of this podcast interview.

LinkedIn Posts For This Episode

1. "During the early Covid period we were really able to embrace the situation and talk to our clients.

Perhaps more, and on a more regular basis than we've ever done before.

 And I think that's really cemented some of those relationships - it's really strengthened them and they've stayed with us. "

In this podcast with Brendon Howlett of Wood and Disney you'll hear how their central purpose as a firm influences their conversations with their clients and the impact it has on client loyalty.

Listen in to hear the insights Brendon shared with @Paul Shrimpling here

2. In this podcast with Brendon Howlett of Wood and Disney Accountants in Colchester , @Paul Shrimpling asks  

'What do you want to be known for as a firm?'

Listen in from 11 minutes 47seconds  in to hear what Brendon  says

3. In this podcast interview with Brendon Howlett of Wood and Disney accountants in Colchester, Essex , @Paul Shrimpling hears what Wood and Disney are doing to track and measure the firms performance and what those KPI's are...

Listen in from 6.25 mins in.

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