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Mark Telford Telfords Accountants
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In this podcast you'll hear how Mark and his team take seriously, deadly seriously, the five behavioural values they hold true in their firm.

It's impressive for one core reason.

Mark and his team have worked remotely for years. It's not just something that they've created over the recent months thanks to the pandemic.

They worked remotely for a long time. They've got this tight knit, coalesced, highly motivated team, partly because they genuinely wholeheartedly live these five behavioural values. In this podcast interview Mark shares what and how they do that...

There's also one other thing that stands out well in the interview and the discussion with Mark.
His team's commitment to the weekly rhythm, so there's 52 opportunities a year to be successful. Not 12 (if you're rolling a monthly rhythm). So why not dive into that interview? And you'll be able to access Mark talking in detail about the what, the hows and the why's around Telford accountants.

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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 "So a big thing again is making sure that team members know exactly what's included in the services that we provide for our clients"  https://www.buzzsprout.com/1164563/6512734

"I deliberately went the route of recruiting people who can do the work I can do. Cause I don't want to be having to train them and check the quality of their work. All the time"

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