Episode 17: Zoe Lacey-Cooper of Accountex


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Zoe Lacey-Cooper -   Portfolio & Events Director

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What one thing is the key to the future success of your accounting firm? 

Don't you think - actually it makes sense to get an outsider's perspective?

To answer that question, here's an outsider who absolutely loves the profession having spent the last six years working with accountants.

Paul Shrimpling is joined by Zoe Lacey Cooper, the director head of events at Accountex, the largest UK exhibition for the accounting profession.

Tune in here and listen to Zoe sharing her insights and experiences that point to implementation as the one key thing.

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1.Listening to "Humanise the Numbers with Zoe Lacey-Cooper" at https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-17-zoe-lacey-cooper/

2.  Listen in to @shrimpers and @ZoeLaceyCooper discussing the willingness of accountants to embrace tech   https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-17-zoe-lacey-cooper/

3 The challenges of implementation of new habits/processes or methodologies within accountancy practices are being discussed by @shrimpers and @zoelaceycooper t https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-17-zoe-lacey-cooper/

4. @zoelaceycooper shares her insights on what's happening in the accountancy world and why accountants are often leading the way with tech... without even realising it   https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-17-zoe-lacey-cooper/

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1 Listen in to Paul Shrimpling of Remarkable Practice and Zoe Lacey-Cooper  while Zoe shares her perspective on the profession after several years as event director at Accountex


2. During this podcast interview with Zoe Lacey-Cooper, Event Director of Accountex, Zoe states quite clearly that she doesn't  think accountants realise how good they are!  Listen in to hear what Zoe has to say and what she's learnt in her time of working with hundred of accountants at Accountex  https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-17-zoe-lacey-cooper/

3.How have the accountancy profession adapted to the new way of working compared with other industries during the pandemic.  Listen in to this podcast discussion between Zoe Lacey-Cooper. Event Director at Accountex and Paul Shrimpling of Remarkable Practice   https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-17-zoe-lacey-cooper/

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