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How do you really humanise the numbers in your firm?

And by that, I mean, how do you deeply connect with your team and with your clients, so that you transform the results of your firm?

In this podcast discussion with Carl Reader, the first of two podcasts recorded, you'll hear Carl's passion, verve and zeal for the humanity that he believes is necessary to run a successful accounting firm.

You'll hear his take on the processes and systems that tie him and his team to the work they do with their clients. He also talks about the use of technology but also the importance of making a connection with your business owner clients.

Take a little time out and invest in listening to what Carl has got to say and share around his successful firm d&t Chartered Accountants. I'm confident there will be one or two gems, if not more, for you and your firm to take away.

So why not please join Carl and Paul on this Humanise The Numbers podcast, the first of two podcasts they've recorded together.

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1.   Listening to Humanise The Numbers with Carl Reader, Author, Small Business Champion, Speaker and generally all round great guy!


ii) In this captivating discussion with Carl Reader you'll hear Carl sharing the systems and processes at d&t chartered accountants and KPIs around getting to know their clients or, as he calls them, business partners.


iii)  Are you using technology in your firm as a selling point?  Should you?  Do you care if the mechanics that fix your car use snap-on tools or another leading tool brand?  Listen in at 34m 29s to hear Carl Readers straight forward view on this.


iv) Do you need to have accountants as client managers?  Listen in to this plain talking approach to structuring a modern accountancy practice with Carl Reader  https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-33-carl-reader-small-business-champion/

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1.Here's Paul Shrimpling sharing the review of his conversation with Carl Reader, Joint Chairman of d&t chartered accountants, author, public speaker and niche specialist.

(embed this video) https://vimeo.com/644317259

2.  In this brilliant conversation with Carl Reader Joint Chairman of d&t chartered accountants, author, public speaker and niche specialist, you'll hear countless insights and plain common sense about running an accountancy practice in a truly human way.  You'll hear Carl cut through the chaff of tech, management trends and accountability. #humanisethenumbers   https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-33-carl-reader-small-business-champion/

3. How do you and your team overcome this number's obsession that accountants have? And why don't they have the empathy or emotional obsession in terms of the impact of those numbers (whether they're on screen or not) with your clients? What's going on in your firm? What are your people doing that enables those conversations and interactions that reassure and build certainty in the hearts and minds of your clients?

Go straight to 11 mins 57 seconds and hear Paul Shrimpling asking these three questions to Carl Reader, joint chairman of d&t chartered accountants, a multi million pound turnover, multi award winning firm and author or the book 'Boss It'


4. In this revealing conversation with Carl Reader, you'll hear Carl share a whole new way of creating an accountancy firm that truly serves it's clients in a way that is focused on helping and supporting them, the clients - rather than pandering to the hierarchy of the firm and the egos within that hierarchy.  Listen in from 24 mins and 27 seconds



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