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How would it feel if you and your team in your accountancy firm were able to get to January and feel completely calm, relaxed and completely in control around the number of tax returns you've got to do?

In this Humanise The Numbers podcast discussion with Georgina Gallagher-Kennett from Pinfields Accountants in the West Midlands, you'll hear George share some deep, practical and relatively simple but important insights into what she and her team did to smooth out the flow of tax returns.  You'll also hear how they diminished the normal  tax return spike in December and January to less than half what they were when they started on their journey.

George is really generous in unpicking and highlighting the three or four key things that have enabled her to achieve what has been an impressive production workflow methodology within her firm. So why not join George and myself on this Humanise The Numbers podcast and see which one of the insights that George shares is of particular value to you and your firm when you next look at planning out your flow of tax returns.

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1.   Listening to Humanise The Numbers with Georgina Gallagher Kennett of Pinfields Accountants.  George spills the beans on tax returns in January at Pinfields.


ii) How do you monitor the rate at which your tax returns are being completed to avoid the last minute January nightmare.  Listen in at 18m 57s


iii)  How early do you start chasing clients for their books and records for tax returns?  Listen in at 29.43 to hear what George Gallagher Kennett has to say on this...


iv) What you do to manage expectations with your clients relating to their tax return and how do you communicate this? Listen in at 37n 27s    https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-36-georgina-gallagher-kennett-of-pinfields/

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1.Here is a review of my conversation with Georgina Gallagher-Kennett of Pinfields Limited. George is passionate about tax and has actively taken steps to solve the end of January tax returns stress at Pinfields once and for all, listen here to the difference this has made to her and the team.

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2. Specifically what communications do you need to have with your team (and your clients) and how do you get their buy-in to commit to weekly targets for tax returns.  In this podcast episode you'll hear George Gallagher Kennett at Pinfields describe the benefits and power of weekly targets over monthly and how it's taken her from total exhaustion in January to being able to leave the office on time - with no overtime after Christmas  https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-36-georgina-gallagher-kennett-of-pinfields/

3. How personally do you take delivering the outcome of your clients tax returns?  Do you like telling them on 31st Janaury they've got a huge tax bill to pay?  George describes in this episode how delivering exactly this news to her own mum on 31st January was the trigger to making big changes and putting the pressure of January behind them once and for all at Pinfields.


4. How invested are your team in getting a balanced output of tax returns throughout the year.  In this episode you'll hear George Gallagher-Kennett tell her story of how bringing in weekly targets caused initial kick back but in the end the experience of not having a huge peak in January got her 100% buy-in.  It's transformed their lives both within  work and at home as they are working less overtime, less weekends and redressing their work life balance.


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