Episode 39: Matt Flanagan of BlueHub Resources


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Why on earth, would you take a blind bit of notice of a technologist talking about Humanise The Numbers for an accountancy practice like yours?

Well, over the years, Matt Flanagan from BlueHub has built a reputation for really knowing his onions when it comes to the technology, but because he's helped so many firms install, implement, and habitualise technology across their firms, he sort of knows what differentiates the best firms from all the other firms in the profession.

So why not join Matt and I on this Humanise The Numbers podcast, and seek out the one or two things that you can implement in your firm, so that you transform the performance of your team, the performance of your firm as a whole, but also maybe even transform the performance of one or two of your clients too.

I hope you get a chance to listen to Matt, I loved the discussion. He's so down to earth, so practical, it's definitely worth a listen.

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1.   Listening to Humanise The Numbers with Matt Flanagan of Blue Hub and Apacus


ii) Accountants need to be translators for their clients...

How can you be sure the numbers you have shared with your clients have a context in their life.  It's a worthwhile conversation to have.  Listen in at 2m 58 to hear Matt describe his own experiences as an SME.


iii)  You'll hear Matt describe what he thinks about how well the profession is taking seriously the need to drive their team and their clients to have an up-to-date cloud accounts.  Listen from 11 min 21s on.


iv)  How do you support your team to help them move clients to cloud accounting - listen in at 16m 19s https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-39-matt-flanagan-of-bluehub/

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1. In this minute long review you'll hear me sharing the highlights of this practical and down to earth conversation with Matt Flanagan of BlueHub.  You can find the episode here https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-39-matt-flanagan-of-bluehub/ to hear more on this.


2. Matt Flanagan shares how to deal with the various levels of resistance to change around tech platforms and cloud accounting in your firm -with your team and with your clients.  Matt talks about the 1s, 2s & 3s and the impact they have.  Listen in from 16m and 19s.


3. How do you deal with the issue 'the client just won't do what we want them to do'? - this is the question asked of Matt Flanagan.  Matt shares the full extent of his experiences around introducing new tech to firms that has to also be rolled out to clients.  Matt is very down to earth and straight forward in his views on this. Listen in and you'll get some great pointers on how to apply this.


4. Always be recruiting - organise your team to match their strengths and recruit to fill the specific gaps - these are 2 of the key points shared by Matt Flanagan in his conversation on the Humanise The Numbers podcast recently.  You can hear Matts conclusion at 45min 56s.


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