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How does your accountancy firm master the dark arts of marketing so that you become successful at generating leads and high-quality future clients, building your fees, your profits and the capital value of your firm?

In this podcast discussion you'll hear Mike Crook share his profound and valuable insights into how PracticeWeb have worked with accounting firms during his time in the business as Managing Director. He essentially looks back at his experience and unpacks and unlocks some of the insights that drove success in those firms.

We were privileged to secure Mike for this podcast, as he was literally a week away from departing PracticeWeb and joining another company outside of the accountancy profession, and Mike is really candid and honest in his conversation. It's brilliant that PracticeWeb have given us the thumbs-up to share this information - it's so valuable, not only for the profession as a whole, but especially if you want insights to help to grow your own accountancy firm.

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1.   Listening to Humanise The Numbers with Mike Crook, former MD of PracticeWeb.


ii) Creating video content never feels comfortable - so why keep doing it?  Listen in at 45:52 to hear Mike Crook of PracticeWeb dig in to this idea...


iii)  Outgoing MD of PracticeWeb shares some thoughts on what's been good and bad about working with accountants.


iv) What are your thoughts on challenging the status quo with your clients?  Mike Crook of PracticeWeb describes the different firms he's seen and how they have handled this.  Check it out from 24:55.


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1. In this 90-second review you'll hear me describe the value of the conversation I had recently with Mike Crook.  Mike has been MD at PracticeWeb for several years and has vast experience of working with all sorts of different firms.

Video link:  https://vimeo.com/669445958
Episode link:  https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-40-mike-crook-practiceweb/

2. 'Why are stories are so important?' - this was the question posed to Mike Crook recently in this #HumaniseTheNumbers podcast, where he generously shares his experience and insights of working with accountancy firms.


3. Live and breathe authenticity - how exactly do you accomplish this and communicate your authenticity through your marketing and brand?  Mike Crook describes a system that the team have developed at PracticeWeb to really uncover the personalities of the firms they work with.  Listen in at 30:31 to hear this part of the conversation.


4. Is your branding promising something that you don't deliver - can you follow through with what your image is promoting?  In this brilliant conversation on the #HumaniseTheNumbers podcast with Mike Crook of PracticeWeb, you'll hear Mike share his knowledge and experience of the power of getting this right. You can get straight to this part of the discussion from 38:52.


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Here is a soundbite of the interview with Mike Crook