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How on earth do you and your team, your colleagues, your firm as a whole, engage in meaningful, tangible conversations with clients, demonstrating that your firm delivers real value?

In this podcast discussion with Paul Kennedy of OBK, a relatively small firm north of London, we discover that for decades Paul has been a keen student of Ron Baker, Rick Payne and Bootcamp, and he has implemented an approach to value pricing in a very practical way.

You’ll hear Paul share his insights and his thoughts about how his firm have implemented value pricing. There's a lot of discussion around value pricing, but Paul reveals the practical ways of delivering value, so that your clients will say: 'oh, that is worth far more than the 10 minutes or 10 hours you've invested in working with me.'

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1. Listening to Humanise The Numbers with Paul Kennedy of OBK.


2. Do you price your own work?  This could be a really bad idea.  Listen in at 58m35s to hear Paul Kennedy explain why...


3. How do you as a trusted advisor take a small business into a big business framework? Listen in at 19m4s.


4. How do you work out whether the business owner you're meeting is a good client for you? Listen in at 10m45s to hear more.


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1. In this minute-long review, you'll hear me sharing highlights of the conversation I recently had with Paul Kennedy of OBK Chartered Accountants.  You can find the episode here:



2. In this discussion with Paul Kennedy of OBK Chartered Accountants, you'll hear Paul explain how, despite a relatively small team of just 7 people and a relatively small client base of around 40 clients, he is often achieving starting fees way in excess of the average high fees for many other accountants. 
Paul's success is down to having a genuine interest in the businesses of his clients. At OBK, value pricing is the norm and you'll hear Paul describe the process he goes through when meeting a new prospect to determine if they are a good fit as a client for the firm.  There's no magic wand here - what you'll hear is Paul's authenticity, as well as the hard work he's put into learning, mentoring and developing this winning approach to value.


3. At 46m50s in this podcast you'll hear Paul Kennedy of OBK Chartered Accountants describe the factors that have influenced his business philosophy.  Paul runs what he describes as a boutique accountancy firm and describes the path he's travelled to get OBK to where they are now. You'll hear him talk about the mentors and coaches that have influenced him and also his committed approach to personal development.


4. At 56m32s in this podcast, Paul Shrimpling asks Paul Kennedy of OBK Chartered Accountants to share his view on the model for value pricing.


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Here is a soundbite of the interview with Paul Kennedy