Episode 44: Vipul Sheth of AdvanceTrack Outsourcing: Workflow Resources


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How do you transform your firm’s accounts production workflow so that you free up people's time whilst simultaneously building stronger, more meaningful, more valuable relationships with your clients?

In this Humanise The Numbers podcast with Vipul Sheth of AdvanceTrack Outsourcing, you'll hear Vipul share insights from the many dozens of firms with which he and his team work, specifically around the magic of one or two profound shifts, or profound little changes, in the way you look at and tackle production workflow, so that you and your firm can free up time for your people and still build stronger relationships with your clients.

I hope you'll enjoy the discussion I had with Vipul as much as I did, and I truly hope that you take on board the messages that he shares.  I'm convinced, and I know because of the experience I have with other firms, that what he's talking about makes absolute sense and will deliver the results that you want for yourself and for your firm.

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1. Listen to Humanise The Numbers with Vipul Sheth and discover how to free up capacity and improve workflow in your firm.


2. Identify the advisory people and the compliance people within your team - both have equal value. Identifying an individual's strengths helps streamline the workflow of your firm.


3. What is the value of a test drive? Demonstrate the value to your client of what you CAN deliver if they allow you to, and present them with the unexpected.


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1. How do you streamline the accounts production workflow in your firm, so that you and your team have more time, enabling you to build stronger, more meaningful, more valuable relationships with your clients?

Listen to this review of a brilliant podcast with Vipul Sheth and then listen to the podcast to start delivering the results you really want for your firm.



2. What distinguishes the firms that are brilliant at implementing a better use of technology and processes from others? Vipul talks about delivering to your client, not just a set of accounts, but business intelligence, delivering Business KPIs as well as financial KPIs. Listen to this valuable insight at 12m49s.


3. When firms struggle for time and resource, they are often reluctant to search out technology to improve their situation. Often, the technology to standardise processes is already there but is not always used. At 23m16s, Vipul talks about the importance to any firm looking to increase capacity and improve workflow of implementing and standardising systems and processes by embracing the technology.


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