March 18, 2022

Episode 45: Paul Lodder of Dext

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The Story

What must it be like to spend 21 years in a firm of accountants, going through the ranks, then deciding to leave and join a technology company?

In this podcast discussion with Paul Lodder of Dext, Paul shares some amazingly valuable insights into his experiences, both in the accounting firm and at Dext, insights which I believe can profoundly influence the way you install and implement technology in your firm. But as the name of our podcast platform suggests, Paul’s insights can also help you Humanise The Numbers in such a way that your firm is capable of winning the game with your team – recruiting and keeping good people – and winning the game with your clients as well, so that you deliver ever greater value and enjoy ever greater profits.

Please join me at for this invaluable discussion with Paul Lodder.

The Solution:

And that's why I always start with the low hanging fruit.

Always start with the internal bookkeeping jobs, not the external jobs.

Always start with a small group and clients that have less complex accounting and tax affairs, because all of that helps build confidence and trust and helps you pick up things as you go along.

Once you've done that, you start building out from that and you start sharing success stories. Sharing success stories is so important.





Connect with Paul

Connect with Paul

Resources relating to this podcast:

Listen to Paul and Paul talk about the importance of your team members, not employees or staff, but team members.

They talk about the value of involving them in everything that happens within your firm, whether this be client meetings, implementing new technology or pricing.

Team involvement means they feel part of the future and success of your firm and this creates more opportunities for them to grow and develop, achieve their personal and professional goals and help your clients do the same.

This Bitesize Business Breakthrough report talks about how the success of your accountancy firm relies heavily of the performance and enthusiasm of your team.

As a leader, you determine your team’s level of enthusiasm.

If you, can build a sense of fairness, achievement and camaraderie within your team, you’ll tap into an ocean of enthusiasm, drive and motivation.

Click the link on the button to read more growing and maintaining the enthusiasm of your team members.

RPA - Robotic Processing Automation

Paul Lodder talks about RPA - Robotic Processing Automation and how it could shape the future for accountants when it comes to performing repetitive manual tasks.

He mentioned firms that are using it to open and close audit files and press OK on bank reconcilations. 

One firm has it performing a repetitive task that took 2 hours in just 4 minutes.

Paul mentions UIPath running free RPA training, here are some links if you want to look into this further.

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