Episode 45: Paul Lodder of Dext Resources


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What must it be like to spend 21 years in a firm of accountants, going through the ranks, then deciding to leave and join a technology company?

In this podcast discussion with Paul Lodder of Dext, Paul shares some amazingly valuable insights into his experiences, both in the accounting firm and at Dext, insights which I believe can profoundly influence the way you install and implement technology in your firm. But as the name of our podcast platform suggests, Paul’s insights can also help you Humanise The Numbers in such a way that your firm is capable of winning the game with your team – recruiting and keeping good people – and winning the game with your clients as well, so that you deliver ever greater value and enjoy ever greater profits.

Please join me at humanisethenumbers.online for this invaluable discussion with Paul Lodder.

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 Listen to Humanise The Numbers with Paul Lodder of Dext, and discover many valuable insights, including how the right technology can mean big wins for your firm.


2. Listen to Paul Lodder talk about the importance of your team members in helping your clients achieve their personal and business goals.


3. You will hear Paul discuss the importance of your team's buy-in when it comes to implementing new technology in your firm, as well as the value of 'low hanging fruit'.


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1. In this minute-long review, you'll hear me sharing the highlights of an invaluable and insightful conversation with Paul Lodder of Dext. You can find the episode here:



2. Listen to Paul Lodder from Dext talk about the necessity of having your team involved in every aspect of new technology implementation, as well as why getting them involved right from the start creates buy-in. He shares the importance of knowing the right team members to go to first and why you start with the internal bookkeeping jobs and a small number of clients who have the simplest accounting and tax affairs, the 'low hanging fruit'. These will give you quick wins and will build your team's confidence and trust in the new system. Listen here:


3. Meetings are crucial to the relationships between accountants and their clients. Listen to Paul Lodder from Dext (38m46s) discuss why accountants should increase the number of meetings they have with their clients, strengthening their quality. He talks about bringing team members into meetings, tracking the number of meetings you have, as well as the questions asked, and how the real value lies in the quality of the conversation. Listen here: 


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