Episode 46: Rebecca Johnson and Sian Lloyd of Lewis Ballard Resources


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Don't you think it pays to have a clear picture about what your firm will look like in the future, say, in five years’ time? Your firm of the future?

In this podcast discussion with Sian Lloyd and Rebecca Johnson from the Cardiff-based firm Lewis Ballard, you'll hear them share how they’ve created a future-focused, advisory-focused, genuinely caring approach to running an accountancy practice, where there's a real human connection between the team and between the team and their clients. They also discuss what they're doing to advance their firm’s value in the eyes of their customers, by getting better at advisory work and at that future focus.

So why not seek out some inspiration for your firm of the future from Sian and Rebecca on this humanisethenumbers.online podcast? I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised by what was a light-hearted discussion, but one with a serious context. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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1. Listen to Humanise The Numbers with Rebecca Johnson and Sian Lloyd from Lewis Ballard as they share their thoughts about the human connection they have with their clients.


2. Colours matter to Sian and Rebecca and, actually, to all of their team and all of their clients. Listen to this podcast to understand the importance of yellow, red, green and blue... which one are you?


3. Tracking meetings, calls and client interactions can be tough. Listen to this podcast to work out why doing just that is crucial to the client value-driven approach of the team at Lewis Ballard.


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1. In this 60-second review, you'll hear me sharing the highlights of this light-hearted discussion with Rebecca and Sian from Lewis Ballard. You will hear how they have helped create a firm focused on advisory and on the future, whilst having their relationships with their clients at the heart of everything they do.



2. Colours - They determine the way conversations and interactions happen with team members within Lewis Ballard, and they determine the way the team interacts with their clients. It's an approach of which they're very proud.

Sian, Rebecca and the team recognise that people are not the same and are therefore not to be treated the same. The way you interact with a client determines the relationship you have with them.

That relationship with the client is at the heart of everything that happens at Lewis Ballard - the clients matter, really matter. Listen to this podcast with Sian Lloyd and Rebecca Johnson of Lewis Ballard and I guarantee that within 15 minutes you will be wondering which colour you are...


3. KPIs are used at Lewis Ballard to track the number of meetings and the number of client calls - not unusual.

But it's constantly improving the quality of these meetings for the clients that really matters. They don't just give the clients their numbers, they help them understand them, improve them and ultimately help them use their business as a springboard to achieve their personal and business goals. Listen here to Sian and Rebecca to discover how having future-focused, emotional conversations with clients have cemented the relationships they now have.


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