Episode 48: Ron Baker on Pricing and Strategy Resources


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How does your accountancy firm earn the right to achieve and be comfortable with prices that are three, four, five times or more higher than you would normally charge a typical client?

In this podcast, which was a great pleasure and privilege to make, we have Ron Baker discussing pricing, the subscription model, niche marketing and positioning, strategy and purpose. I hope you'll take the time to listen to the insights, the valuable gems, that are included in this podcast.

Why not join Ron and I at humanisethenumbers.online or on your favourite podcast platform to discover and take advantage of the helpful strategies that Ron is suggesting could pay off for you and for your firm, for your team and, by the way, for your clients as well.

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1. Listen to Humanise The Numbers with Ron Baker, who discusses valuable strategies that can have big pay-offs for your firm.


2. Listen to this podcast with Ron Baker and hear him speak about the importance of maintaining the client relationship despite the advances in technology.


3. You'll hear Ron Baker talk about trust - how trust takes a long time to build (but can 'gallop away') and how he believes your clients determine the trust level, not you.

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1. In this minute-long review, you'll hear me sharing the highlights of a brilliant discussion with Ron Baker and hear some of the strategies and insights that have changed the way he builds pricing models for his clients.



2. Listen to this fascinating podcast with Ron Baker and hear him speak about the importance of client relationships and how these relationships must be valued and maintained. He openly shares his concerns that technology could replace one-to-one interaction with clients and stresses that, although technology is a valuable tool, it must not replace the client relationship. Listen here:


3. Trusted advisor, trusted relationship - how often do you use these words when describing your relationships with your clients? Listen to this podcast with Ron Baker as he speaks about trust, describing it as something that is 'hard to build but can gallop away'. He believes that trust is not a commodity, not something you can buy or trade, sell or store - trust is earned. He also firmly believes that the client determines whether the relationship is based on trust, not the accountant. Listen here:


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