April 5, 2022

Episode 48: Ron Baker on pricing and strategy

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The Story

How does your accountancy firm earn the right to achieve and be comfortable with prices that are three, four, five times or more higher than you would normally charge a typical client?

In this podcast, which was a great pleasure and privilege to make, we have Ron Baker discussing pricing, the subscription model, niche marketing and positioning, strategy and purpose. I hope you'll take the time to listen to the insights, the valuable gems, that are included in this podcast.

Why not join Ron and I at humanisethenumbers.online or on your favourite podcast platform to discover and take advantage of the helpful strategies that Ron is suggesting could pay off for you and for your firm, for your team and, by the way, for your clients as well.

The Solution:

I've been hearing since I've been in this profession, since 1984, that compliance is going away.

Count me as a sceptic.

But whether or not you want to move into advisory - and there are a lot of people out there that think all CPAs need to pivot to advisory - I'm not so sure, but either way…

If all you want to do is compliance, that's fine, but here's the point - a professional is someone who is responsible for achieving a result rather than performing a task.

Now, when you look at how we price, when you look at how we monetise things, are we more about the result or the task?





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Resources relating to this podcast:

Trust Builds Business Business Breakthrough Report

Listen to Paul and Ron talk about the importance of trust in any relationship, but particularly between you and your team and you and your clients. 

Ron believes everyone in your firm needs to be trusted by your clients, not just the partners and the managers, and that this comes down to how you treat them and the relationship you have with them.

He also believes that the level of trust has to be earned over time and is decided by your clients not you.

This Bitesize Business Breakthrough shows you the benefits to your firm of nurturing a high trust work environment. High trust improves both team engagement and satisfication and your client relationships.

Click the link on the button to read this report and discover 13 trust behaviours which build, maintain and restore trust.

The fable, the essay and the book

In this podcast Paul and Ron talk about fable of 'The Fox and the Hedgehog' 

This fable has been attributed to many people throughout history, in that: 

‘the fox knows many things; the hedgehog, one big thing’.

And, building on this idea, there is the philosopher Isaiah Berlin’s famous essay, click the link to download and read this essay ‘The Hedgehog and the Fox’.

Ron also references Phil Rosenzweigs book 'The Halo Effect' - which challenges some of the work of Jim Collins and talks about the importance of strategy and execution and how getting one of them right isn't enough. 

Click here to read the 'The Halo Effect'

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