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How do you stay ahead of the game? More specifically, how do you ensure you stay ahead of your clients’ expectations, so that you constantly deliver value and a magical, rather than miserable, client experience?

On this HumaniseTheNumbers podcast discussion with Charlotte Zacharia of the accountancy firm Z², you'll hear Charlotte share her powerful insights into how clients’ perceptions and expectations have changed and how she and her firm have responded to that. Her observations can perhaps influence the way you think about the way your firm serves your clients.

So why not join Charlotte and I on this HumaniseTheNumbers.Online podcast discussion to hear Charlotte's views and begin to think about how you might apply those powerful insights in your firm.

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1. Listen to Humanise The Numbers with Charlotte Zacharia from Z² Group Accountants discussing the importance of staying ahead of your clients' expectations.


2.Listen to Charlotte Zacharia of Z² speak about the importance of her own team and how, having navigated the minefield of recruitment, she feels you cannot put a price on a team that gels and works well together.


3. Team meetings happen weekly at Z². Listen to Charlotte Zacharia discuss the positive effects on accountability and workflow, all driven from one structured Monday morning meeting.


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1. In this podcast review, you'll hear me sharing the highlights of a brilliant discussion with Charlotte Zacharia from Z² Group Accountants. How do you stay ahead of your clients' expectations, delivering value and a magical client experience?



2. In this podcast with Charlotte Zacharia of Z², Charlotte discusses her view that the responsibility for delivering business success for her clients rests, not just with the clients, but with her firm as well.

The team at Z² are there to support and advise, and Charlotte's team work with their clients to help them manage their business, including their marketing, HR, debtors, creditors, sales - the team provide all-round support.

Z² are a firm that give a truly value-added service, and this podcast will show that building relationships with their clients is what makes Charlotte and the team tick.


3. Stories are crucial to the marketing success of your firm, and yet many firms don't share their stories of success. Listen to this podcast with Charlotte Zacharia of Z², where Charlotte admits that, although her biggest buzz comes from turning a client’s business around and helping them make it successful, she is not that good at sharing those success stories through her own marketing. In this podcast, Charlotte shares a great story about an electrical contractor’s business and the difference that the Z² team made to the business and, more importantly, to the lives of the business owner and his team. Listen here:


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