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How you and your firm deliver great value to your clients is a common theme in the HumaniseTheNumbers podcast series.

In this discussion with Phil Hobden, now of Wolters Kluwer, I was able to unpack Phil's experiences as a business owner, as well as an employee and leader of education at Capitalise and, previously, at Futrli.

He shares some amazing insights. The discussion twisted and turned from value for clients and value for team members and how much they're part of a virtual circle. When we, as leaders of our respective businesses, get that value equation right – make it clear, demonstrate it well – we put our firms on that positive path towards reaching our business goals.

I hope you'll join me and Phil on a fast-moving, action-packed and, I think, content- and value-packed podcast at HumaniseTheNumbers.online.

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1. Listen to Humanise The Numbers with Phil Hobden. Phil talks about the importance of getting the value equation right for both your clients and your team members. Listen here:


2. Listen to Phil Hobden talk about the value of client relationships and how to make yourself invaluable to them...


3. When it comes to delivering value for clients and value for team members, it's important to remember that they form a virtual circle, and Phil believes firmly that one cannot exist without the other... Listen here:


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1. In this podcast review you'll hear me sharing the highlights of a fast-moving, action-packed discussion with Phil Hobden, now of Wolters Kluwer.

Phil shares his experiences both from the perspective of a business owner and from the perspective of an employee. His insights into the value equation for your clients and for your team are fascinating.
Listen here: 



2. Listen to Phil Hobden of Wolters Kluwer talk about building client relationships. Phil recognises that each client is different, with different needs. Your value to your clients comes when you understand them - who they are, what they do, what motivates them - and understanding all of this means you will have a better idea of how you can provide services, what you can do to help them on their business journey and what their perception of your value is...

It was a fast-paced and very interesting discussion. Listen here...


3. Listen to Phil Hobden of Wolters Kluwer talk about the value equation, both in terms of the value to your firm of your team and the value to your firm of your clients.

Phil believes that you can grow your team, your clients and your firm, and you get it right when you are growing all of these at the same time.

Listen here at 56m08s to Phil's answer to this question - What takes priority - working out how to deliver a valuable working experience for your team members or working out how to deliver high value to your clients?


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