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How do you create, build and nurture a high-growth accountancy firm? In this podcast discussion with the head of DJH Mitten Clarke, Scott Heath, you'll hear him share a number of detailed insights into how he’s developed his high-growth firm, a firm that’s gone from 30 to 70 people and, in the last two years or so, from 70 to 275 people, in four offices.

But what stands out most from this discussion with Scott are the principles behind healthy growth, not just growth for the sake of it – growth in which everyone can take great pride and growth that is sponsoring the future success of the firm, as well as generating great financial results now.

I hope you'll be tempted to go to this HumaniseTheNumbers.online podcast and dive into all the little details around the importance of culture and values in underpinning rock-solid high growth in an accountancy firm. I'm confident you'll enjoy this discussion with Scott Heath as much as I did.

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1. Listen to Humanise The Numbers for a great discussion with Scott Heath of DJH Mitten Clarke. Scott speaks passionately about the importance of culture and values in his firm and how they have shaped its growth.


2. Scott Heath runs a people business - people first, accountancy second - and this underpins the values of his firm. Listen here to discover how...


3. Building client relationships and empowering team members are 2 key cornerstones of the rapid growth and success of DJH Mitten Clarke. Listen in to hear Scott Heath explain why...


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1. In this review, you'll hear me sharing the highlights of a fascinating discussion with Scott Heath of DJH Mitten Clarke. We discuss the importance of culture and values within his firm and the principles behind its healthy growth. Listen here: 



2. In this podcast discussion with Scott Heath from DJH Mitten Clarke, you will hear Scott talk about the importance and value of time - time with clients, time with your team, both one-to-one and in a group setting, and time in your business, building for the future.

Scott has built a team that puts real value on the time they spend with clients - not only the expected time, but also the additional time that builds the relationship and the trust. He knows that this time with clients invariably generates extra projects or work, therefore further cementing the working relationship.

Scott believes that if you don't spend time with your clients, you don't deserve to have them.

This podcast is packed with true gems and business insights. Listen here...


3. 'If you are not growing, you are going backwards.' These words are used a number of times in this informative and very honest conversation with Scott Heath of DJH Mitten Clarke. Scott is certainly not going backwards. In the last 2 years, Scott has grown his business from 1 office to 4 and from a team of 70 to a team of 275, with a £19 million turnover. 

Scott believes he achieved this growth with the right culture, values and team. In fact, as he says several times, his team are his greatest asset, and he has the ambition to be one of the Sunday Times' top 100 best businesses to work for.

Listen to this thoroughly engaging podcast here...


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