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It can often feel like a particularly growly challenge to work out how to successfully promote and market your accountancy firm. So it pays, don't you think, to listen in to a marketing expert. In this podcast, you'll hear from Zoe Paradine, Head of Marketing in the UK for UHY Hacker Young. Zoe shares her experience of 20 years of marketing for her own firm and, more importantly, her insights on what's key to successful marketing.

Zoe discusses the need to “make time” – carving out time each week, without fail, to successfully market your firm. She also signposts how to spend that time – building and nurturing lists and building content.

If you are up for learning ways to successfully market your accountancy firm, I think you'll find this podcast exceptionally valuable.

Please go to humanisethenumbers.online or your favourite podcast platform, including Apple and Spotify, to access the podcast. I hope you enjoy this discussion with Zoe as much as I did.

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1. Listen to Humanise The Numbers with Zoe Paradine, Head of Marketing in the UK for UHY Hacker Young. Zoe talks about the value of content and the importance of making time to market your firm. Hear more here...


2. Defining UHY's core purpose was life-changing for Zoe and her team. Listen why here..


3. Internal marketing is as important to Zoe and her team as external marketing. Listen here to learn why internal marketing matters so much...


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1. In this review you'll hear me sharing the highlights of an exceptionally valuable podcast with Zoe Paradine, Head of Marketing in the UK for UHY Hacker Young. Zoe talks about the importance of making time to market your firm and why building lists and content are of paramount importance. Listen here...



2. Listen to Zoe Paradine from UHY Hacker Young talk about the importance of internal marketing to the success of their external marketing.

At UHY, having the right people on board and ensuring that marketing and business development appear on every meeting agenda means that everyone gets it, everyone buys in, and marketing is seen as a significant part of the business. Listen to the whole podcast here:


3. Zoe Paradine, Head of Marketing in the UK for UHY Hacker Young, describes establishing the core purpose of the business as 'life-changing'.

Zoe admits that, as a team, they are at the beginning of the journey when it comes to embedding this core purpose into every aspect of their business.

She also believes firmly that everyone now has this one message, this purpose, that brings sense to everything else. It has become the glue, making the team more cohesive. 

Listen here to the effect that establishing a purpose has made on UHY and how they are now living it.


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