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On this HumaniseTheNumbers podcast, you’ll hear from David Gilroy – entrepreneur, business owner, marketeer and, more specifically, website expert.

However, David doesn't work within or provide for the accountancy profession. He builds websites (now over 400 websites) for the legal profession, for lawyers and solicitors. But David’s attention to detail, his obsession with the numbers that really matter when marketing your firm, and his business as well – I think you’ll appreciate his insights, knowledge and guidance on how we should be working better, harder and stronger to capture the numbers that matter so that we can market our businesses in a much more successful way.

Please go to HumaniseTheNumbers.online or to your favourite podcast platform and look up the David Gilroy podcast. I believe you’ll get something of real value from the discussion.

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1. Listen to HumaniseTheNumbers with David Gilroy of Conscious Solutions. David has an obsession with numbers, both those related to his own business success and those related to his clients' business success. Understand why here...


2. David Gilroy of Conscious Solutions believes in hiring ahead of the curve and that you should always be hiring. This has paid off for David when it comes to hiring in a few key positions. Listen here...


3. Listen to this podcast with David Gilroy of Conscious Solutions to really understand how the numbers matter, in every area of his business and his clients' businesses...


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1. In this review, you'll hear me sharing the highlights of a fascinating discussion with David Gilroy of Conscious Solutions. David builds websites for the legal profession, but what is really interesting in this podcast is David’s deep obsession with the numbers that really matter when marketing his own business and his clients' businesses. Listen here...


2. In this podcast discussion with David Gilroy of Conscious Solutions, you will hear David’s dedication to the numbers and the level of detail that David expects from himself and his team to ensure that they understand the numbers and can hit the level of predicted growth.

David expects the same level of detail from his clients and firmly believes that if you don't know and understand the key numbers in your business, it cannot grow.


3. Price rises - difficult to plan for and difficult to pass on to your clients...

Listen to this podcast with David Gilroy of Conscious Solutions and discover how David has developed and implemented a way of passing price rises onto his clients with very little pushback, through understanding the human effect of price rises, talking to his clients and understanding their business model. Here is a system that you could very easily replicate in your firm to deal with the difficulty of increasing your fees.


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