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It's clear from our conversations with virtually every firm with which we work that recruiting high-quality team members, though it's always been tough, is now tougher than ever before. Those same firms are also looking for ways of working better and smarter with their individual employees, within their teams and across the firm.

In this podcast, you're going to hear from Elaine Godley. I've known Elaine for decades, and Elaine has helped me, my business and other firms with which we work to identify how to get the best out of our people, as well as how to bring some science to recruiting people who match perfectly, or as closely as possible, to the job that you need them to do.

Why not join this podcast at HumaniseTheNumbers.online and listen to Elaine's deep and profound insights into blending a team so that they’re more productive, experience more enjoyment in their work and have a greater sense of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. This kind of team is a result of effectively matching job, person and roles and responsibilities together.

I believe these are valuable insights which could really benefit your firm. I hope you enjoy the podcast with Elaine as much as I did.

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1. Listen to HumaniseTheNumbers with Elaine Godley, profiler and expert in team dynamics, and hear her discuss the dark art of recruiting the right people for your firm.


2. Elaine Godley discusses the importance to both your physical and mental wellbeing of being the right person for the right role and how this benefits you, your team and your firm. Listen here...


3. Elaine Godley discusses DISC profiling, mental wellbeing and how getting the people and the process right in your firm means that the profits will follow...


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1. In this review you'll hear me sharing the highlights of a fascinating discussion with Elaine Godley, profiler and wellness expert. Elaine discusses probably one of the biggest challenges facing most firms at the moment...how to recruit the right people - for the job, for your team and for your firm... Listen here:


2. In this podcast discussion with Elaine Godley, you will hear Elaine, a DISC profiler and health and wellness expert, share her years of experience in profiling managers and individual team members. Elaine believes DISC profiling will enable you to have the right people in the right roles, with the result that they, your team and your firm functions optimally. Listen here to the difference that DISC profiling could make to your firm.


3. Elaine Godley shares in-depth insights about DISC profiling and the importance of understanding the personalities and behaviours of your team. She talks about your team 'being on the right bus and in the right seats' and how understanding their individual DISC profile will help you achieve this. Elaine also uses DISC profiling to ensure that team members' mental health and wellbeing are considered and appreciated. She tells a great story of the effect on a whole team of having a tax consultant in the wrong position in a firm, and how DISC helped address this issue, making him and the team much happier. Listen to the full podcast here...


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