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Your firm’s ability to recruit and retain the right people for your team, as well as to acquire and retain the right clients, is fundamental to the success of your accounting firm.

It was therefore a real pleasure to welcome Andrew Jordan of Connect 4 onto a podcast discussion where we unpacked, thanks to Andrew's experiences at BDO, his experience of establishing the KPI reporting tool, Fathom, in the UK, as well as his experience in founding and growing Connect 4.

Andrew shares some brilliant insights into building client relationships and thereby building client loyalty – their willingness to stay, to buy additional services and to recommend you and your firm. He also discusses how your approach to client relationships has a serious impact on your ability to recruit and retain high-quality team members.

So why not join Andrew and I on this humanisethenumbers.online podcast and see how what you learn can be applied to your firm, so that you can help transform and grow its success.

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1. Listen to this fascinating Humanise The Numbers podcast with Andrew Jordan from Connect 4 on the importance of building good relationships with your clients.


2. How do the relationships you have with your clients directly affect your ability to be able to recruit and retain the right people for your team?


3. Having great relationships with your clients and building client loyalty can make you not only a more attractive firm to work for, but can transform the success of your firm as well.


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1. In this review, you'll hear me sharing the highlights of a fascinating discussion with Andrew Jordan of Connect 4. Andrew discusses his past work experiences and how they have helped him understand the importance of client relationships, client loyalty and client retention and how these things make it easier for you to attract the right people to work in your firm. Listen here:


2. Tune in to this podcast discussion with Andrew Jordan of Connect 4, where Andrew and I discuss segmenting your client portfolio. Andrew discusses the importance to your firm of investing in your client relationships, and how regular meetings, both face to face and online, can help strengthen these relationships so that you can have proactive, future-focused meetings and discussions with your clients which ensure future gain for both them and you.


3. Listen to this Humanise The Numbers Podcast with Andrew Jordan of Connect 4 to hear Andrew discuss the importance of accountants making the leap from dealing with accounts prep, tax and compliance to working with clients in all aspects of their business and building a relationship that means you can be instrumental in helping them achieve their business and personal goals.


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