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How do you and your firm win younger, dynamic clients with a long lifetime value (because of their age), if you are able to do a brilliant job of looking after their businesses?

As a firm, you and your client portfolio have almost certainly got clients who started young with a small business and then grew them into substantial businesses. So, how do you tap into that younger audience?

In this podcast discussion with Sam Mitcham, you’ll learn how Sam, though in the early stages of building a successful accounting firm, demonstrated energy and enthusiasm in winning the 200 clients she's already got, despite only setting the business up a couple of years ago. Discover her methodology of appealing to and attracting younger business owners.

Why not join Sam and I on this humanisethenumbers.online podcast discussion, or go to your favourite podcast platform and locate it there, and you'll hear Sam share her insights into the use of social media and marketing, as well as a number of other profoundly powerful insights on how to grow and, at times, hold back from growth when it really matters. I hope you enjoy this podcast with Sam as much as I did.

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1. Listen to fascinating Humanise The Numbers podcast with Sam Mitcham on how you tap into a younger client audience...


2. How has your energy and enthusiasm for the work you do in your firm shaped the client portfolio you have?


3. Listen here to a brilliant podcast with Sam Mitcham and hear her insights on how social media and marketing have helped helped her grow a younger client portfolio...


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1. In this review you'll hear me sharing the highlights of a fascinating discussion with Sam Mitcham of SJCM Accountancy, you will hear Sam share many insights including her methodology for attracting a younger client portfolio and the importance of growth and sometimes holding back from growth. Listen here...


2. Listen to this podcast discussion with Sam Mitcham of SJCM Accountancy...


3. Listen to this Humanise The Numbers Podcast with Sam Mitcham of SJCM Accountancy...


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