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How do you, even if you are a sole practitioner, change the tone of the work in your firm so that you become increasingly valuable to your clients and so that your clients are willing to pay more money for what you do with them and for them?

In this podcast discussion with Michael Hemme of the Croydon-based accountancy firm MDH Accountants, you’ll hear Michael share what he’s doing to build what he calls “soft skills”. I actually call them hard skills, because I think that the human skills, the conversational skills, come less naturally to accountants because of the way they’re trained and because of their focus on the numbers.

But those human, conversational skills ultimately determine your true value in your clients’ hearts and minds, and Michael is wholeheartedly committed to building the knowledge and skills of his team so that they can have high-value conversations with his clients.

It's a genuinely worthwhile conversation on many levels. For instance, Michael digs out some ancient history in the form of a very old Dale Carnegie book, one on which I relied in my early formative years in business, and shares how he uses its insights and principles regarding great conversations in his own firm, insights that are as relevant today as they were 80 years ago.

He then works with his team on developing those conversational skills so that they are able to build stronger relationships with his clients. Clients become more loyal, they’re more likely to recommend the firm and they’re more likely and happier to pay more.

If you are tempted to listen to what Michael has to say in more detail, please go to humanisethenumbers.online or to your favourite podcast platform and look out for that podcast with Michael Hemme.

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1. Listen to this fascinating Humanise The Numbers podcast with Michael Hemme of MDH Accountants on the importance of developing the skills of your team to enable high-value client conversations.


2. Listen to this podcast discussion with Michael Hemme of MDH Accountants. You will hear about his determination to work on his team's 'soft skills' to enable more frequent conversations with clients.


3. Listen to this podcast with Michael Hemme of MDH Accountants as he shares some insights on the importance of strong client relationships.


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1. In this review I'll be sharing the highlights of a fascinating discussion with Michael Hemme of the Croydon-based firm, MDH Accountants.

Michael discusses what he is doing to build the 'soft skills' of his team, enabling them to have more frequent, high-value conversations with clients and to build stronger relationships as a result of these conversations.

Michael's passion for his team's development is clear. Listen here.


2. Listen to this podcast discussion with Michael Hemme of MDH Accountants. Michael is investing a great deal of time and effort in empowering his team to have regular, deep, value-driven conversations with their clients. Listen to the insights from Michael here.


3. Listen to this Humanise The Numbers podcast with Michael Hemme of MDH, where Michael discusses the importance of helping his clients and his team become the best versions of themselves, as well as how it's essential to make time to celebrate your wins. This is a fast-paced podcast full of great insights - access it here...


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