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Have you ever wondered if your firm could be doing more in the environmental sustainability space?

Could the right environmental message help you win new, high-grade clients? Could it help you retain your best people or maybe even act as an attraction for recruiting new people?

In this podcast discussion with Peter Ellington, you’ll hear his candid, open and quite revealing insights, insights based on the research he’s done into the environmental space.

He’s now building educational programs with the ACCA and with ICAEW, and he is growing his 800-client accounting firm on the back of his work in and around environmental sustainability.

By applying these insights to your own firm, you and your team could feel a greater sense of pride and could make a big and lasting difference in the wider community.

So why not join Peter and I on this podcast discussion at www.humanisethenumbers.online, or go to your favourite podcast platform.

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1. Listen to this fascinating Humanise The Numbers podcast with Dr Peter Ellington on the importance of working in the environmental and sustainability space with your team and clients.


2. Listen to this podcast discussion with Dr Peter Ellington on the environmental education work he is doing with the ACCA and ICAEW.


3.Listen to this podcast with Dr Peter Ellington of Triple Bottom Line Accountants on how sustainability can be an advisory service.


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1. In this review, I'll be sharing the highlights of a fascinating discussion with Dr Peter Ellington, CEO of Triple Bottom Line Accountants, and Associate Professor at the University of East Anglia. He is doing a massive amount of work in the environmental and sustainability space and you can hear the importance of this to him in this podcast. He believes that sustainability should be part of an accountant’s advisory service and that its importance and relevance to businesses will only grow. Therefore, operating in this space could win you more clients.



2. Listen to this podcast discussion with Dr Peter Ellington, CEO of Triple Bottom Line Accountants, and an Associate Professor at the University of East Anglia, on the significance of climate change and sustainability in how he advises his clients. He is working closely with the ACCA and ICAEW on the importance of accountants being more knowledgeable in this area so that they are better placed to help their business owner clients.


3. Listen to this Humanise The Numbers Podcast with Dr. Peter Ellington. Peter is the CEO of Triple Bottom Line Accounting, an accountancy firm that is working actively and enthusiastically in the environmental and sustainability space, advising clients on the importance of climate change to their future and working with them on reducing their carbon footprint. Peter talks openly about his qualifications, his teaching, his beliefs, his accountancy practice and why he believes we are on the cusp of all accountancy firms having a sustainability accountant. It’s a really great podcast - listen here:


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Here is a soundbite of the interview with Dr Peter Ellington