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One of the challenges or, arguably, one of the opportunities facing your firm, facing the profession, is the march of technology.

But more importantly, as the technology takes over more of the technical work of accountancy and bookkeeping, there’s a real need to invest more time, more energy, more money, even, in the development of human skills, the skills that help you work better together as a team and that enable you to work better with your clients.

And with that in mind, it made sense to invite Alexandra Bond Burnett onto the Humanise The Numbers podcast, so that we could tap into Alexandra’s experience, knowledge and insight from her work at drama school, in the finance world and as a coach, trainer and speaker for professional service firms. We discuss what it means to look at precision in a different way and the challenges that brings to accountants who want to get everything right in a world of ambiguity with regard to people and client skills.

If you want to improve your firm’s capabilities, knowledge, insight and the human skills that enable you to build a better, stronger team and enable you to build better relationships with clients so that they stay with you longer and are more loyal, who refer you to others, who are happy to pay decent fees and who actually want to buy more from you, why not join this podcast with Alexandra.

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1. Listen to this fascinating Humanise The Numbers podcast with Alexandra Bond Burnett on how her previous experience and knowledge have helped clarify the importance of the human skills in any accounting firm.


2. Listen to this podcast discussion with Alexandra Bond Burnett on how DISC profiling can help people overcome their fears.


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1. In this review, I'll be sharing the highlights of a great discussion with Alexandra Bond Burnett. Alex draws on some of her previous work experience to really drill down on the importance of soft/human skills to the relationships built within your firm, whether they be the relationship you have with your team or relationships between team members or relationships with your clients. Alex talks about DISC profiling, the importance of a growth mindset and striking a balance between accuracy and ambiguity. It’s a fast-paced, fascinating discussion. Listen here:


2. Listen to this podcast discussion with Alexandra Bond Burnett on the importance of fear. Alex talks about healthy fear and why fear can be good. There is a reason for it and it has a purpose, but it is also important to help your team members control it so they can flourish. Listen here.


3. Listen to this Humanise The Numbers podcast with Alexandra Bond Burnett, where Alex and Paul talk about the importance of psychological safety in your firm when it comes to the happiness and success of your team. Alex discusses how creative ideas and magic in a team comes when you use the words... 'YES AND'. Listen here to discover more.


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