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What does it take to grow an accountancy business from its initial two founders to 40 people in five years? Great question.

What does it take to grow an accountancy business which generates average fees per client of £30,000? Another great question.

What does it take to grow an accountancy business where the clients respect and love the work that the firm's doing for them and where its people love working?

I had the great privilege of spending an hour on a podcast discussion with Alastair Barlow, co-founder of flinder. Alastair unpacked many things, but he talked specifically about the determination to systematise the business so that it's not reliant on him and it's not reliant on his co-founder, Luke.

And standards – the power and the importance of standards and expectations – show up big time in this discussion. Last but not least, the determination to uphold those standards across the firm comes through really strongly.

I hope you take time out to listen to this profoundly valuable conversation with Alastair and that you enjoy it as much as I did.

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2. Listen to this podcast discussion with Alastair Barlow of flinder and find out – in the longest answer ever – what Humanising the Numbers means to him.


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1. Listen to this fascinating podcast with Alastair Barlow of flinder and discover the importance of stories to the relationships they have with their clients. He discusses how flinder help tell a story about what is going on in a client's business, using the numbers as a 'level of truth' that they can then interpret and translate, helping their clients understand the actions they have taken and the actions that need to be taken in their business.


2. Listen to this podcast discussion with Alastair Barlow of flinder. Alastair discusses the importance of value all the way through this podcast. It is clear that it is at the heart of every client relationship, and for him and his team it's vital that they deliver the right type of value to their clients. How does he achieve this? He simply asks the client what they value...


3. Listen to this Humanise The Numbers Podcast with Alastair Barlow of flinder, where Alastair discusses their brand and their brand focus – one that encompasses the standards they work to as a business, including how they write things, the words they use, their tone of voice  and the importance of operating within the brand framework. Listen here:


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