Episode 12: Luke Smith of Purpose (part 1)


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Luke Smith :Owner Purpose, Jersey


Purpose  Jersey

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How do you explain to clients the value behind you charging them in excess of 2% of the turnover of their business? 

And how do you explain that a million pound turnover business can and should, and willingly will pay you £20,000  or more per annum for the work that you do with them.

Well, on this podcast interview with Luke Smith of his firm Purpose, you'll hear Luke describe in detail what he says, what he does, how he says it,  and how he does it to earn the right. to charging an average fee across all of of clients in excess of £20,000. 

You'll also hear a group of other accountants quizzing Luke with questions that are pertinent to their own firms.

So why not join me on this humanisethenumbers.online podcast and hear what Luke has to say about how he does a brilliant job of working with these clients and also demonstrates the value that his firm delivers to his clients.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.


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1. Listen to this podcast with Luke Smith of Purpose, hear Luke explain why he focusses no time or energy on marketing or advertising his firm and how he achieves £20,000 fees on average per client.


2. Listen to Luke Smith of Purpose explain how and why he confidently achieves fees of £20,000 (on average) and hear him describe the toolkit he has developed to provide value to his business owner clients that far outweighs those fees.


3. In this podcast you'll hear Luke Smith of Purpose being quizzed by a number of accountants about the whys and wherefores of running a successful advisory firm that's transforming the outcomes for their 40 business owner clients.


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1. In this bare bones podcast discussion with Luke Smith of  accounting firm Purpose, you'll hear Luke describe his reasons for having an entry level of business owner clients at £1M turnover. Listen to the review of this podcast here: 



2. Listen to this fascinating podcast with Luke Smith of Purpose, based on the island of Jersey and hear Lukes insights on the importance of building the confidence of his team in their quest to drive the best possible outcomes for their business owner clients. Lukes average fee is £25,000/ year and he currently has around 40 clients.


3. In this brilliant discussion with Luke Smith of Purpose, based on the Island of Jersey, Luke explains the minimum entry level requirements of quarterly management accounts and board meetings when taking on a new client. He describes the route he took to get to this point and how whilst having only 40 clients, he is still able to achieve an average annual fee of £25000/year.

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