Episode 13: Luke Smith of Purpose (part 2)


Episode 13  - Luke Smith of Purpose (Jersey) Part 2 of 2 discussions

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Luke Smith :Owner Purpose, Jersey


Purpose  Jersey

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How come some accountants are really good at connecting with their business owner clients and other accountants are less good, less effective at building that personal connection with that business owner clients.

On this podcast interview, you'll hear Luke Smith of Purpose - this is part two of a two-part discussion Paul Shrimpling of Remarkable Practice had with Luke recently.

Paul and a bunch of other accountants actually grill Luke on this podcast and you'll hear Luke describe what it is his team are doing to ensure that there's a real connection in every year-end meeting between his team and his business owner clients.

So why not join Paul and a bunch of other accountants on this humanisethenumbers.online podcast and hear what Luke has got to say about how he and his team do great work to build that connection between his team and his clients.


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1. Hear Luke Smith of Purpose explain how his approach to niche is not sector specific.


2. Time sheets, reporting software and being brutal - listen to this podcast and hear what Luke Smith of Purpose on Jersey suggests for winning and keeping clients. 


3. Are you offering advisory services, consultancy services or both, to your clients? Listen to this podcast to hear me discuss the scalability of these two service types with Luke Smith from Purpose and how to implement them successfuly in your own firm.https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-13-luke-smith-of-purpose-part-2/

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1 In this discussion and podcast (part 2 of 2 - see episode 12 for part 1) you'll hear myself and a group of advisory focused accountants grill Luke Smith of Purpose on the format of his pricing conversations year on year and why £25,000 is a completely run of the mill fee for him. Listen to the review of this podcast here:



2. Listen to this podcast to hear Luke Smith of Purpose on Jersey and understand why Luke and his business partner play good cop, bad cop in client conversations and why this approach is necessary to challenge their clients and ensure they take the action required to build and grow their businesses.


3. In this brilliant discussion with Luke Smith of Purpose, Luke explains the risk of dealing with businesses whose growth attracts buyouts and takeovers. He also shares his strategy for mitigating this risk, which is actually very straight forward.

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