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This is podcast 2 of 5 of the ACCA Strategy Series.

What does an accountancy firm do to make strategy really come to life in their firm?

On this podcast, you'll hear Glen, Phil and Gareth, from two different accounting firms, talk about what they've worked out has to happen in their firms so that their vision, their purpose, their values really come to life. 

So it means something, it isn't corporate BS or just a marketing strapline for strategy.

It's actually happening in their firms and they're living it! 

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1.  Listening to @shrimpers talking strategy in their accountancy firms with Glyn Davison, Phil Murray & Gareth Pinder.

ii) At 5 mins 55 seconds in you'll hear how Phil, Glyn and Gareth, the managers of 2 different firms, work out how and when they apply dedicated time each week to fulfilling their firms' strategies.

iii)  Vision, Mission & Strategic Goals - listen in from about 13m 22s to hear what two ACCA firms are doing about this and how they are making this work in their firms.

iv) System failure vs people failure - how do we tackle the people failure situations?  Listen in at 31m 58s to hear 2 ACCA firms describing what's happened in their firms.

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1.Here's Paul Shrimpling sharing the review of his conversation with Glyn Davison, Phil Murray and Gareth Pinder - part 2 of the 5 part ACCA strategy series of podcasts.

2. Dedicated time each week for 1:1's with your team, new client conversations and strategy focus, all take organisation and commitment.  At 7 mins into this podcast your'll hear Phil Murray of Harlands accountants sharing how they have taken inspiration from the book 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People' by Steven Covey and how it drives the focus of what they spend their time on.

3. In this conversation focussing on strategy, you'll hear Glyn Davison of Harlands Accountants describe the challenge and the goals for successfully handing over client work to the other team members in your firm.  Listen in at around 13 mins to hear these insights from Glyn and how this is a critical element of their firm's strategy and growth.

4. 'If you, as the managing director, are not clear on, and cannot articulate quickly and very concisely to everyone in the team where you are headed as a firm, then no one knows what they're moving forward to. If they don't know where they are heading how can they deliver the strategy?'

This is a quote from Glyn Davison of Harlands (13.22) on this ACCA Strategy Series podcast.

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