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In this podcast discussion with Hugh Stedman of C&H Stedman in Hemel Hempstead, you'll hear Hugh talk about how discussing the future of his clients’ businesses with them, instead of looking at historical reports, has enabled him to offer strategy and then accountability meetings, which have transformed the way his clients see his firm. In Hugh's opinion, actually talking about the future is so where we need to be as a profession.

Hugh also shares his stories of helping clients with outsourcing, strategy, recruitment, and how a serious illness last year created a huge opportunity for his firm and allowed his team to step up in a way that has had a profound impact on the future of the firm.

Tweets For This Episode 

1.  Listening to @shrimpers talking with Hugh Stedman of C&H Stedman  https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-24-hugh-stedman-of-ch-stedman/

ii) What are the upside benefits of monthly billing versus WIP billing for both your firm and your clients? Listen in to this very valuable discussion at 12m 38s   

iii) You don't know how tall a man is until you stretch him... listen to this story (25m 40s) about a family firm where COVID changed everything... for the better


iv) Whats the inhumanity vs humanity of using and sticking to checklists in your firm?  https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-24-hugh-stedman-of-ch-stedman/

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1.Here's Paul Shrimpling sharing the review of his conversation with Hugh Stedman of C&H Stedman.

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2. In this in-depth discussion Paul Shrimpling is quizzing Hugh Stedman of C&H Stedman about the upside benefits of time billing vs monthly billing.  Hugh shares how the WIP approach actually damaged client relationships because the focus was on the time and the money not on the relationship.  It's an enlightening conversation about what really happens in real firms...  Listen in from 12m 38s to hear this part of the discussion.

3. Using a checklist for every job could be considered to be an inhuman way to work with intelligent motivated people, when they know inside out how to do their jobs.  Paul Shrimpling poses this question to Hugh Stedman of C&H Stedman in this podcast discussion and Hugh shares some powerful insights and experiences.  They also share some resources that can be put to work in your firm straight away.  The conversation begins at 22 mins 03 seconds.


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