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How do you define in your firm the concept of real-time accounting?

And is it really meaningful?

In this discussion with Stefan Barrett of Bee Motion, an accountancy firm in Stockport, Manchester, you'll hear Stefan share his insights around what real-time accounting means to him and how he makes it valuable to his clients.

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1. Getting rid of unengaged clients - listen in at 39 minutes to hear Stefan Barrett of Bee Motion tell the story of how he's gone through this process.


2. Would you be willing to implement 'real-time accounting' in your firm?  Listen in at 15.41 and hear what Stefan Barrett of Bee Motion has to say about his experience of this approach.


3. Is value-added the same as free?  Listen in at 18.03 to hear me challenging Stefan Barrett of Bee Motion on the true value of 'free'.


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1. Watch this brief review of my conversation with Stefan Barrett of Bee Motion, Stefan brings a real humanity, passion and commitment to the services that he and his team deliver.



2. Starting your business from a garage sounds like the start of a movie, but this is exactly what Stefan Barrett of Bee Motion did 8 years ago.  This was a truly engaging conversation with Stefan, his energy and enthusiasm for looking after his clients clearly shines through. He explains the importance of building a team with people who are focused on using tech but also value the importance of the human approach. Stefan also shares a brilliant 3 step process of innovation, that leads to delegation and enables him to spend 50% of his time working on the business not in the business.  

3. In this thorough and at times candid conversation with Stefan Barrett of Bee Motion you'll hear some brilliant insights about having a systems focus, real-time accounting, offering services for 'free', fairness to clients and how the youth of today and their approach to tech will continue to transform accountancy firms across the globe.


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